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1687 Potosi Eight Reales

Coin Description: From the 1715 Fleet, a choice Potosi 8 Reales. About 2.5% of the reales recovered from the Fleet came from this Peruvian mint. The pillar side of the coin shows both El Peru and most of Potosi in the legend. The assayer is Pedro de Villar, VR in monogram. The (16)87 date is

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1690 Potosi Eight Reales

Coin Description: Potosi 1690 P Eight Reales. 25.7 grams. El Peru, mint of Potosi. An Eight Reales struck in the 25th year (1690) of the reign of Carolus II. The mint mark (P) and the assayer’s initials (VR for Pedro de Villar) appear three times and the date (690) twice on this well struck specimen.

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1692 Lima Eight Reales

Coin Description: Viceroyalty of El Peru, mint of Lima, Eight Reales 1692 V. Another Lima 8 reales from the reign of Carlos II that has managed survived in excellent condition on a Fleet wreck. Two (16)92 dates are sharply struck, as is the Lima (L) mint mark, and only the faintest trace of corrosion is

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1697 Lima Eight Reales

Coin Description: Viceroyalty of El Peru, mint of Lima, Eight Reales 1697 H. From the reign of Carlos II, this well struck Lima 8 reales survived its 250 years on a wreck of the 1715 Fleet with only minor corrosion (mostly on the cross side) and a good weight of 26.6 gms. The initial (H)

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1698 Lima Eight Reales

Coin Description: Lima 1698 H Eight Reales. 25.9 gms. This attractive, well struck Eight Reales is from Capt. Hurtado‰Ûªs tenure asassayer at Lima. Hurtado clearly made an effort to produce well struck coins on round, thick planchets. His initial (H) as well as the Lima mint mark (L) appear twice on the pillar side of

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1700 Potosi Eight Reales

Coin Description: Potosi 1700 F Eight Reales. 27.3 gms. Assayer Tomas Fernandez (F) de Ocana struck silver at Potosi in the last years of the unfortunate Carlos II‰Ûªs reign. His initial (F) is visible twice of the pillar side, once on the cross side. The mint mark (P), the denomination (8), and about 50% of

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Lima 1702 Eight Reales

Coin Description: Lima 1702 Eight Reales. 26.7 grams. The obverse displays a very clear date. The features are reasonably well centered. There is some minor corrosion on the obverse. Some of the features are obscured because this piece has not been fully cleaned. It is apparent however that a second date is visible on the

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1702 Potosi Eight Reales

Coin Description: Potosi 1702 Y Eight Reales. 26.8 gms. Beginning in the previous year and for the rest of the First Reign of Philip V the principal assayer at Potosi was Diego de Ybarbouru. Ybarbouru‰’s initial (Y) is not visible on either side of this coin. Ybarbouru‰’s cobs were usually crude and irregular in shape,

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1703 Lima Eight Reales

Coin Description: Lima 1703 H Eight Reales. 24.9 gms. Hurtado (H) continued as the principal Lima assayer into the reign of Philip V. This eight reales shows two bold dates on an out-of-round planchet that is not typical of Lima. Flat areas have claimed more than a quarter of the design, including one lion (except

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