Ernest J. Richards, Jr.

Ernest J. Richards, Jr., known as “SeaScribe” since the 1980s, is a native of New London, Connecticut who moved to the West Palm Beach area of Florida to “work in the ocean”. Teaming up with Bob “Frogfoot” Weller in the early 1980s, Ernie worked with Bob as a diver and technician during Crossed Anchors Salvage’s start-up. When Bob began writing books about their exploits, Ernie was his editor. Together, they created PLUS ULTRA, a quarterly newsletter dedicated to promulgating news of activities on the 1715 Spanish silver fleet recoveries … and instructing the newsletter’s hundreds of subscribers over the years in “how to read” the cob coinage from the Spanish colonial mints in the New World. He and Bob also edited/published Treasure Quest Magazine in 1997 and 1998. As owner of EN RADA Publications, Ernie wrote several books on “Shipwrecks & Their Coins…” and continued producing the PLVS VLTRA Newsletter until the 135th issue (34 years) in December 2016.

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