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From the Fleet Society Archives

On Tuesday, June 22, 1965 this entry appeared in a journal kept by Real Eight Company member Louis J. Ullian from the Cabin Wreck site: 10 – Large silver disks weight 50 to 70 pounds each....

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Witnessing History

Last night, via Zoom, twenty members of the 1715 Fleet Society had the unique opportunity to witness the historic reunification of two pieces of a rare and valuable artifact that had been separated as a...

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August 2022 Treasure of the Month

August’s Treasure of the Month is a Mexico eight reales coin along with a small Treasure Salvors certificate which was brought to our attention by Fleet Society Advisory Board member Charlie Winn. Charlie’s role on...

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Fulfilling Our Mission

In addition to researching the history of the 1715 Fleet, its loss, rediscovery, and recovery, our mission also includes educating the public about the 1715 Fleet and all things Fleet related (coins, artifacts, etc.). Recently...

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From the Fleet Society Archives 

On Wednesday, January 6, 1965 this story appeared in The Miami Herald: The Florida United Numismatists convention in Miami Beach is featuring an exhibit of rare coins recently recovered from a 1715 Fleet wreck site...

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July 2022 Treasure of the Month

Our Treasure of the Month for July is this bell recovered in 1990 by the four-man crew of the Rogue Wave, a sub-contractor working for the Mel Fisher Center at the time.  Specifically, it was Gary...

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