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May 2022 Treasure of the Month

Our passion for EOs (encrusted objects) continues with our Treasure of the Month for May. In the past we have featured numerous EOs, including silver wedges, individual coins, coin clumps (or aggregates), and non-coin-related items...

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Plus Ultra Cover Coin 2nd Quarter 2016

The previous Cover Coin was an 8-reales which brought a boatload of documentation to its buyer, Ben Costello. The Cover Coin(s) this time have the same provenience but are of a different denomination. Dave Crooks, an attorney and...

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Good Morning Australia.  

Recently (March 21 to be exact) we posted a story about our then latest member Jeremy Watherston who was our first Fleet Society member from Australia. A few weeks later I had the chance to...

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 Welcome, Australia!

One of our goals here at the Fleet Society is to expand our membership far and wide. Until recently we had 144 members from 24 US states and, in addition, Canada (Nova Scotia), Puerto Rico...

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24 Hours In Western Pennsylvania

Climate change is a hot topic in the news these days. Whatever you think about this subject, we who live in Western Pennsylvania have experienced wild weather changes for decades. To illustrate the point, the...

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Shipwreck Story from St. Augustine

Although our focus here at the Society is about all things 1715 Fleet related, I couldn’t help posting this story about a non-Fleet related shipwreck found off the coast of Florida in 2010. Divers with...

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