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1715 Fleet Society Website Analytics

Hi Fleet Society Members, this is Craig, web admin, here. Ben asked me to post a quick note about Fleet Society analytics, which this post includes, along with some additional information about recent updates with on-site content. 1715 Fleet Society Web Analytics The number of visitors viewing the site through the first five months of

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Boys Find Remains of Ancient Man, July 1966

Before the Spanish arrived, Florida was already home to many Native American tribes including the Ais (or Ays), Apalachee, Seminole, Timucua and others. There is evidence to support that survivors of the 1715 Fleet disaster interacted with the Ais whose territory included coastal areas and islands from approximately Cape Canaveral to the Indian River. It

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1715 Fleet Society Cover Coin Feature Image 1st QUARTER 2012

Plus Ultra Cover Coin – First Quarter 2012

Tying in our Cover Coin(s) with the debut of the 1715 Fleet Society story, we have selected three dated pieces from the sites of the 1715 Spanish Silver Fleet. These three pieces of gold are scheduled to be auctioned off at Sedwick’s “Treasure and World Coin Auction 11” coming up on April 10-11, 2012 (see

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An Old Argument Continues…

Recently, while searching through some archival material that we secured a number of years ago, I came across an interesting article  from September, 1966. It appeared  in the official publication of the Florida Secretary of State called In The Capital and was written by then Secretary of State, Tom Adams. “Are We Selling History For

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This Day in Fleet History – June 1st, 2003

The crew of the salvage vessel “Half Reale” captained by Jon Wilson, find an ornate gold box containing a seven-emerald gold cross, a large woven gold chain and two gold-and-emerald rings. Cabin Wreck, near Sebastian, Florida.

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June 2021 Treasure of the Month

For June’s Treasure of the Month we are featuring this beautiful eight escudos gold coin (or “cob ”)  from the Spanish colonial mint of Lima, Peru. Dated 1712, it is not particularly a rare date for coins of this mint and denomination found on 1715 Fleet wreck sites. In fact, in its collection, the State

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A Fleet Fatality by John Pullin

Much has been exposed regarding the events and subsequent treasures located resulting from the hurricane destruction of the 1715 Fleet. There was also an enormous loss of lives by the crew and passengers aboard the ill-fated vessels. The general tally places the number of casualties at a little over 1,000. This article is a brief

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This Day in Fleet History – May 16, 1965

Newspapers report that famed astronaut physician, Dr, Gordon Benson, has joined treasure hunters at Vero Beach.  The good doctor’s hobby is balloons. He will aid treasure divers by sitting in a balloon viewing the ocean floor from a height of 200-250 feet. It is hoped that from this vantage point he will be able to

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Fleet Society Conducts First Zoom Presentation

Last February I was contacted by Donna Polk of Vero Beach, Florida and asked to deliver a presentation (via Zoom) on the history of the 1715 Fleet. Donna is the Speaker Coordinator of Head, Hearts and Hands, a 501(c) (3) foundation established in 2013 by golf and residential members of the Indian River Club. HHH

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Plus Ultra Cover Coin – Fourth Quarter 2016

To wrap up this year’s issues, I thought it would be appropriate to pose two of the 2016 newsmakers as our Cover Coin(s) this time. From the State of Florida’s Collection of treasure coins recovered from the 1715 Plate Fleet come these two fully-dated pieces, which are displayed on the 1715 Fleet Society web site

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History of Pirates featured in latest National Geographic Magazine

“Pirates, Shipwrecks, Conquests, and Their Lasting Legacy” is the subject of the latest edition of the National Geographic Magazine. Written by Dr. Jamie L. H. Goodall, the article features the history of piracy starting with its origins in the 14th century B.C. to modern times. It is a fascinating study that examines piracy from different

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May 2011 Treasure of the Month 10th Anniversary Repost

In honor of our website’s 10th Anniversary, we thought it would fitting to republish our very first Treasure of the Month from May 1, 2011. We hope you enjoy it. You can access all of our subsequent treasures by clicking on Treasures of the Month on our Home Page. Our first-ever featured treasure is this

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May 2021 Treasure of the Month

Our Treasure of the Month for May, 2021 is special as it marks the 10th anniversary of the posting of our first Treasure of the Month in May, 2011. Our featured treasure for this month was recovered during the 2019 and 2020 dive seasons by the crew of the Mighty Mo captained by veteran diver

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Cabin Wreck Stories by Peter Fallon

My wife, June, and I owned the Cabin Wreck for over 30 years from June, 1990 to November, 2020. During those years we were super fortunate to experience a number of outstanding treasure finds that we were either part of or associated with. One story involves Bob Weller’s recovery on July 3, 1993 of what

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Douglass Wreck Site

Surprising New Evidence on the Douglass Beach Wreck

Fleet Society Director and archival research expert Jorge Proctor recently authored an article titled The Nuestra Señora de las Nieves and the Douglass Beach wreck-site, which offers new evidence as the actual name of the remains of the ship located there. Supported by research, Jorge presents a compelling argument that the Douglass Beach Wreck, long identified as the Nuestra Señora de las Nieves y las

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1715 Fleet Society Cover Coin Feature Image - 2014-4

Plus Ultra Cover Coin – Third Quarter 2014

In cooperation with the 1715 Fleet Society and its 300th Anniversary Commemoration of the loss of this famous Spanish fleet, Cover Coins, whenever possible over the next six issues, will be selected from the Society’s website study set. First up is this ruggedly handsome piece-of-eight minted at the Potosí facility and described on the

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