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The Research of Stephen M. Workman

The Fleet Society is pleased to introduce our newest member, Stephen M. Workman, Commander, USN (Ret.), of Melbourne, Florida. Following his naval career Commander Workman earned a MA in Maritime History and Nautical Archaeology and a PhD in Coastal Resources Management from East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. While at ECU he was a

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July 2020 Treasure of the Month

Our featured treasure for July is a small but extremely deadly item used by the Spanish and often found on 1715 Fleet wreck sites. Used in close combat, the split shot was an early form of anti-personnel projectile. Made of lead, the split shot looks like a musket ball that has been cut in half

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The Passing of Dr. Eugene Lyon

Here is an article written by Fleet Society member Allen Balogh (#37) regarding the recent death of Dr. Eugene Lyon. Many thanks to Allen for sending us this story for posting on our site. Homer’s Twin Brother The Passing of Dr. Eugene Lyon Historian, Scholar, Gentleman By Allen Balogh In 1970, a University of Florida

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This Day in Fleet History – June 1st, 2003

The crew of the Half Reale salvage vessel finds an ornate solid gold “jewelry box” containing a seven-emerald gold cross, a large woven gold chain and two gold-and -emerald rings. Cabin Wreck near Sebastian, Florida.

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June 2020 Treasure of the Month

Our featured treasure for June does not have all of the eye appeal of past items that we have showcased here. But, nonetheless, this item was critical to the successful construction of ships used in the Spanish fleet system. Nails, pins and spikes made of iron, are often found among the scattered wrecks of the

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Whatever happened to………?

Did you ever wonder whatever happened to the Real Eight Museum of Sunken Treasure in Cape Canaveral, Florida?  While working on updating  The History of the Real Eight Company Through Documents and Letters, I came across this article which was published in September of 1980. It tells the story (a sad one at that) of

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10 Years Ago Today        

Today marks the 10th anniversary of  the passing of my friend and original Real Eight member Lou Ullian.  I first met Lou at his home in January 2005. After an hour of pleasant conversation about shipwreck coins I was treated to a wonderful lunch prepared by his wife Helen. From then on visiting Lou and

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Sebastian Man Wins Treasure Hunt Title

As I was going through some of my archival material, I came across this interesting newspaper article from May 30, 1962. Since it bore a relationship to the ongoing salvaging efforts of the 1715 Fleet wrecks at the time, I thought that it would make for some interesting reading. It seems that Kip Wagner was

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This Day in Fleet History – May 12, 1962

The first auction of Real Eight treasure coins is presented by Henry Christensen in Hoboken, New Jersey. Lot #282, a full date 1712 Mexico eight reales, has the distinction of being the first Mexican Real Eight coin ever auctioned.

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Iconic Cabin Up For Sale   

Anyone who has an interest in the 1715 Fleet and the treasure that it held is familiar with Kip Wagner. Wagner was the man responsible for the organized effort to locate the wreck sites of the Fleet and recover its treasure. His “command post” so to speak, was a small house along the beach which

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In Memorium: Dr. Eugene Lyon

It is with deep regret that we report the death of Dr. Eugene Lyon, who passed away last Sunday, May 3, 2020. Dr. Lyon was well known for his research and scholarship in the area of Spanish Colonial Florida and related subjects. He was greatly respected by all who had the opportunity to work with

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