A Video Interview with Colonel Dan Thompson

The 1715 Fleet Society is proud to bring you a two part video interview with Colonel Dan Thompson, a native of Savannah, Georgia and an electrical engineering graduate of the Air Force Institute of Technology.

Colonel Thompson was Director of Range Safety Operations with the Eastern Test Range based at Patrick Air Force Base.  An Air Force pilot for 25 years, Dan was also a renowned treasure diver who, with the Real 8 Company, uncovered millions of dollars in gold, silver and artifacts from the sunken 1715 Fleet.  He died in 2005.

The first video runs 52 minutes.
The second video runs 46 minutes.

They are both part of the playlist featured below:

A Video Interview with Colonel Dan Thompson

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3 thoughts on “A Video Interview with Colonel Dan Thompson”

  1. Bob Ellis from Connecticut

    I would like to thank Taffi Fisher Abt of the Mel Fisher Treasure Museum located in Sebastian
    for having the foresight to video interview Lou Ullian, Dan Thompson and Kip Kelso from the former Real Eight Company: the original finder of the 1715 Fleet and its treasures in modern times. So that today we can enjoy their personal view of the great 1715 Fleet treasure hunt which were the major finders Her questions were on point and well thought out not an easy task : great stuff. I know her dad Mel Fisher would be proud she took the time and effort to shoot these video for the future .

    I would also like to thank her for letting this site show the videos.
    Whoever knew these video existed and got permission from Taffi Fisher Abt, thank you

  2. Christopher Van Thompson

    This was wonderful to view as my husband Chris Thompson learned more about his uncle and his diving exploits. Chris Thompson’s dad was Richard Thompson, the brother that was in the Navy. Dan gave nine silver cobs to his mother and he now has them.

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