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DATELINE: Washington, PA – Setting the Record Straight

Over the last several years, the 1715 Fleet Society and representatives of Florida United Numismatists worked with the State of Florida’s Bureau of Archaeological Research to organize an exhibit featuring the State of Florida’s collection of 1715 Fleet artifacts. The plan was to have the exhibit in the year 2015 which would mark the 300th

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1715 Fleet Treasure Chest

Dateline: Melbourne, Florida – The 1715 Fleet Treasure Chest

Recently, John de Bry, Director of the Center for Historical Archaeology and a 1715 Fleet Society contributor, sent us this incredible photograph which is being shown here publicly for the first time. It depicts a 1715 Fleet treasure chest being recovered from the Cabin Wreck site in 1967. What is unique about this image is

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DATELINE: Vero Beach, Florida – 1715 Fleet Commemoration Week Updates

1715 Fleet Commemoration Week Updates Indian River County Main Library announces new schedule for the 1715 Fleet Commemoration Week events. Indian River County Main Library, through the efforts of Pam Cooper, Supervisor of the Archive Center and Genealogy Department, has been very pro-active in scheduling events during Commemoration Week, July 26, 2015 to August 2,

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DATELINE: Loveland, Colorado – Daniel Carr Treasure Cobs

Mr. Daniel Carr produces 1715 Fleet Anniversary Cobs as owner of Designs Computed, LLC and Moonlight Mint. He has recently designed a 1715 Fleet 300th Anniversary Commemorative Cob. Struck on hand poured .999 silver, the Daniel Carr Treasure Cobs contain trace amounts of 1715 Fleet silver, and are approximately 28 grams in weight. These Commemorative items sell for

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1715 Fleet Society

DATELINE: FUN Show Follow Up -The Treasure Coast, Florida

As a supplement to my last newsletter posting of January 19, 2015, what follows is a FUN Show follow up and a summary of action taken by me to finalize events scheduled for the 300th Anniversary Commemoration during the week of July 26, 2015 to August 2, 2015. On Monday, January 19, 2015, I went

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DATELINE: Ft. Pierce, Florida: 1715 Fleet Society Golden Galleons

Today I met with the Mayor of Ft. Pierce, Florida, Linda Hudson, at her monthly “Coffee with the Mayor”. This meeting is for concerned individuals to have an opportunity to talk to the Mayor about issues that are important to them. Attending the meeting were Suzanne P. Dannahower, who is President of Main Street Ft.

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Numismatics-Magazine-January 2015

DATELINE: Colorado Springs, Colorado – 1715 Fleet Society in Numismatist

From the American Numismatic Association comes the January, 2015 edition of the Numismatist Magazine which features an article entitled “Numismatic Legacy of the 1715 Plate Fleet” written by Fleet Society Directors, Phil Flemming and Ben Costello. We were proud to be a part of this prestigious magazine’s most recent edition. To access the 1715 Fleet

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DATELINE: FUN Show Wrap Up – Orlando, Florida

The 60th Annual FUN Show is now history. From the prospective of the 1715 Fleet Society, it was a great success. After the Fleet Society was established in 2008, it had several goals. One such goal was to facilitate an exhibit of 1715 Fleet related treasure and artifacts which would be shown at the FUN

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DATELINE: FUN Show, Orlando, Florida – Day 2

Day 2 of the FUN Show, Orlando, Florida. In these pictures we see Fleet Society Director Ernie Richards visiting with Jose O. Busto of the Museo Del Mar, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Mike Brown, Fleet Society contributor and member poses beside a 55.9 pound aggregate of coins fused together by the action of seawater on the

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DATELINE: FUN Show, Orlando, Florida

I am submitting this report from the floor of the FUN Show in Orlando, Florida. Today was the first day of the Show and I have attached some images of the 1715 Fleet Society’s Booth, as well as the 1715 Fleet Exhibit sponsored by the Bureau of Archaeological Resources, Division of Historical Resources, Florida Department

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DATELINE: Washington, Pennsylvania

Since membership to the Fleet Society was announced on November 5, 2014, the Fleet Society already has 22 registered members.  All of these individuals paid $125.00 as a one-time membership fee for the privilege of being admitted into the Fleet Society.  All those accepted into the Fleet Society at this time will not be subjected

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Welcome to the New 1715 Fleet Society Website

I’m excited to welcome you to the new 1715 Fleet Society Website! From the first moment I spoke with Ben about the possibility of a site redesign, it was clear he had a particular vision; one that would retain the charm and high quality imagery of the existing site, but also one that would bring

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DATELINE: Washington, Pennsylvania

Recently, the Fleet Society was privileged to receive several photographs depicting an advanced collection of silver and gold coins from the 1715 Fleet. The first photograph we received depicted a “run” of Mexico silver 8 Reales from 1701 to 1715 (with the exception of 1705). The obverse and reverse of these coins are seen in

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DATELINE: Orlando, Florida

The 60th Annual Convention of the Florida United Numismatists (FUN) is just a few short weeks ahead. The FUN Show, located at the Orange County Convention Center, January 8 – 11, 2015, expects to be a memorable event. Once again, the Fleet Society will have a table (#225) where visitors can find commemorative items as

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DATELINE: Ft. Pierce, Florida

We were pleased to receive a letter from the Mayor of Ft. Pierce, Florida (Linda Hudson) inviting the Fleet Society and its members to visit Ft. Pierce in conjunction with the upcoming 300th Anniversary of the loss of the 1715 Fleet. Fleet Society Director, Ben Costello, contacted Mayor Hudson to acknowledge receipt of her kind

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DATELINE: Vero Beach, Florida

Recently, Chet Hogan, President of the Treasure Coast Coin Club, contacted us to advise that the Club has agreed to work with the 1715 Fleet Society to sponsor events at the 300th Anniversary Commemoration which is scheduled to occur from July 26, 2015 to August 2, 2015. On Wednesday, July 29, 2015, from 5:00 –

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Commemoration Week – July 26 – August 2, 2015

Commemoration Week is just a few short months away and we’re posting an official schedule of events for each day of the week from July 26 to August 2, 2015. The Commemoration Week Schedule can be seen here in text form, downloaded as a graphic PDF, and each event is also highlighted on our official

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