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Website Speed and Server Upgrades

Hello Fleet Society Members, Craig here, web admin for You may have recently noticed we put a splash page on the site during which time the website content was inaccessible. That was a temporary measure we put in place while we performed website maintenance. Over the weekend, we took some time to clean the

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March 2021 Treasure of the Month

Our Treasure Month of the for March is an item that we chose to feature because it is, at least presently, the last one like it in existence. Companions to this artifact were found at a 1715 Fleet wreck site near Sebastian Florida referred to as the “Cabin Wreck”. (This wreck is thought to be

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Fernandina Beach Gold Bars Update

February 13, 2021 Last month (January 17, 2021) I posted a story about gold bars that were found at Fernandina Beach in 1976. We were trying to find out whatever became of those gold bars and hoped that maybe one of our readers might know something.  The bars were supposedly sent to Florida State University

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This Day in Fleet History – February 14, 1714

Marie Louise of Savoy, the first wife of the reigning Monarch Philip V, dies of tuberculosis at the age of 26. In September 1714 Philip marries Elizabeth Farnese of Parma by proxy. They remained married until Philip’s death in 1746.

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This Day in Fleet History – February 6, 1968

February 6, 1968 State archaeologist Carl J. Clauson reported that the wooden remains of a well dug in sand by survivors of the 1715 Fleet disaster had been uncovered. Sections of wood, almost certainly from the wooden beams of wrecked ships used as casing for a surface well, were excavated. The well was dug a

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February 2021 Treasure of the Month

Our Treasure of the Month for February is this assortment of gold rings that were found on various wreck sites of the 1715 Fleet. Of all the jewelry recovered from these sites, rings are the most prolific. Mostly made of gold, they vary in style from plain bands to ornately crafted mini works of art.

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This Day in Fleet History – January 28th, 1965

January 28, 1965 The Vero Beach Press Journal reports that Real Eight Company President Kip Wagner hopes to visit Spain later in the year in order to collect information about the 1715 Fleet from the Spanish archives located in that country. He believes that the archives may furnish clues that would help locate additional treasure

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1715 Fleet Society - My First Coin Featured Image

My First Fleet Coin – By John Pullin

Recently, I had a conversation with Fleet Society Director, John Pullin, regarding Society business when he relayed to me a very interesting story. It seems that John was a participant in the November 1972 Schulman sale of 1715 Fleet coins in New York City. At the time, John was in his mid-20’s which probably made

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Fernandina Beach Gold Bars Mystery

While researching Real Eight Company documents acquired from Dan Thompson (one of the original members of that company) I found this interesting article from the September 1976 edition of “Treasure Magazine”. It appears that 16 gold bars were unearthed at a construction site at Fernandina Beach in April of 1976. The bars were subsequently sent

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Recent Find on Florida Beach

Recently I was contacted by Fleet Society member Dale Justice (membership #103) regarding an interesting item he found just north of Vero Beach. Dale is an accomplished beach hunter who has hunted area beaches for many years looking for relics that might be revealed after a strong storm. In December of 2020 he was searching

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This Day in Fleet History – January 10, 1968

Work is progressing rapidly on the Real Eight Museum of Sunken Treasure near the Cape Kennedy Hilton, City of Cape Canaveral. The Museum, set to open by mid year, will house displays of Spanish treasure recovered by the group from the ocean floor off of the east coast (From the Orlando Sentinel).

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Happy New Year 2021!

Happy New Year 2021! On Behalf of myself and the other Directors of the 1715 Fleet Society, I would like to wish everyone a Happy (and prosperous) New Year. It goes without saying that 2020 was an unprecedented year. The virus caught everyone by surprise, us included. What started out as a  year with so

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January 2021 Treasure of the Month

We begin the new year with our Treasure of the Month for January, this pair of earrings from the famous “Queen’s Jewels” find of 1993. What were the “Queen’s Jewels”? Well, here is the story. In 1714 Maria Louisa of Savoy, wife of King Philip V of Spain, died. Seven months later in September 1714

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This Day in Fleet History – December 30, 1964

Cabinet officials, stung by reports that the state may not be getting its rightful share of treasure recovered from Florida waters, considers taking over all salvage operations and keeping (rather than sharing) all treasure found.  This consideration would be tantamount to the state going into the treasure hunting business.

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