DATELINE: St. Augustine, Florida – Conference Videos

International Conference on the 1715 Fleet

At the recent conference in St. Augustine the Fleet Society welcomed David Lisot, a well-known videographer from Richardson, Texas ( David was hired by the Society to film the conference and related events.

He has a series of nine videos that can be purchased by contacting him directly (see Newsletter Post of April 26, 2017 for details).

In addition to the nine videos, David filmed a few impromptu interviews which we would like to share with you.

In the first video, David talks to some of the conference attendees, both members and non-members alike, about membership in the 1715 Fleet Society. Note that several of those interviewed that were not members have gone on to join the Society.

The second video is an exclusive interview with Jonah Martinez, who was intimately involved in the 2015 discovery of over three hundred gold coins found on the 300th anniversary (July 31, 2015) of when the Fleet was destroyed in a massive hurricane (July 31, 1715). It is a fascinating interview.

We hope you will enjoy them!

Ben Costello, Director

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