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1715 Fleet Society Glossary

Definitions for terms used on the 1715 Fleet Society Website, curated by Fleet Society Director Emeritus, Ernie Richards.

Douglass Beach Wreck

A 1715 Fleet wreck site located a few miles south of the Fort Pierce Inlet. It is often referred to by its old name, “Colored Beach.” In some early Real Eight Company correspondence, it was referred to as the “Gold Wreck,” and for good reason. Some 3,376 Spanish Colonial gold coins were recovered there in the first two months of their 1964 salvage season. This has been a very productive wreck site for 1715 Fleet related coins and artifacts. This wreck site was the subject of an extensive article written by Jorge Proctor and published in April 2021. The article offers new evidence that this site does not contain the remains of Ubilla’s patache, the Nuestra Senora de las Nieves y las Animus, but rather the remains of his fragitilla, the Santa Rita y las Animus, nicknamed the la Marigeleta.

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