Legal Battles Over the Titanic Continue

As with many shipwrecks, the real difficulty is not in the finding, it is in the keeping. RMS Titanic, Incorporated (RMST) understands this quite clearly. Since 1994 RMST has been the official court-recognized steward of Titanic artifacts. The company has recovered, conserved, and displayed thousands of Titanic artifacts.  Titanic Exhibits have traveled from city to city in the U.S. serving to educate the public on the Titanic story and its impact on Maritime History. Yet its current salvage efforts have been thwarted by a 2017 federal law as well as an agreement with Great Britain to treat the wreck as a gravesite. The U.S. government has continued to challenge the right of RMST to future salvage operations. These challenges could undoubtedly have an impact on all types of shipwreck recovery. As we have said, the real difficulty is not in the finding it is in the keeping.

US Ends Legal Fight Against Titanic Expedition. Battles Over Future Dives Are Still Possible.

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