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July 2022 Treasure of the Month

Our Treasure of the Month for July is this bell recovered in 1990 by the four-man crew of the Rogue Wave, a sub-contractor working for the Mel Fisher Center at the time.  Specifically, it was Gary...

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Are You a Wine Connoisseur?

Here is an interesting article submitted by Advisory Board member Jorge Proctor. Although not about a 1715 Fleet wreck it is nevertheless a very fascinating story about the HMS Gloucester, a wreck of great historical...

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Notes from the 1967 Salvage Season

While searching through some archival documents the other day I came across a newspaper article from the Orlando Sentinel dated June 5, 1967. It reports that the Real 8 Company opened its 1967 salvage season...

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Welcome to our 150th member!

Recently I attended the Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists Spring Show in Pittsburgh. There I was able to welcome a new Fleet Society member. Meet Bob Hurst from Vero Beach, Florida. Bob is a coin dealer...

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May 2022 Treasure of the Month

Our passion for EOs (encrusted objects) continues with our Treasure of the Month for May. In the past we have featured numerous EOs, including silver wedges, individual coins, coin clumps (or aggregates), and non-coin-related items...

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Plus Ultra Cover Coin 2nd Quarter 2016

The previous Cover Coin was an 8-reales which brought a boatload of documentation to its buyer, Ben Costello. The Cover Coin(s) this time have the same provenience but are of a different denomination. Dave Crooks, an attorney and...

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