1702 Potosi Eight Reales

Coin Description: Potosi 1702 Y Eight Reales. 26.8 gms. Beginning in the previous year and for the rest of the First Reign of Philip V the principal assayer at Potosi was Diego de Ybarbouru. Ybarbouru‰’s initial (Y) is not visible on either side of this coin. Ybarbouru‰’s cobs were usually crude and irregular in shape, often showing less than 50% of the devises and no legends. Larger split-cracks are common, as on this coin, as well as doubling. On the 1702 the denomination (8) is doubled and the left half of the cross side is badly doubled. The lower left lion is unrecognizable for this reason. Some corrosion is also evident on the cross side. This coin from the Joel Ruth Hoard. This was found on the beach after Hurricane Jeanne, September 28, 2004. See “Lost Treasure” Magazine, January 2005, issue for complete story.

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