Full date 1712 Mexico Eight Reales

Coin Description: Full date 1712 Mexico Eight Reales. 24.9 grams. All four digits of the date are clearly visible and although flat are quite appealing. It is not often that we see a full date 1712 with such clear digits. The “O” of the “OMJ” is unusual in that it is completely filled in but the “M” is quite clear. The unusual “O” can probably be explained by a re-cut die. The shield although 60% visible is rather flat and not very distinct. The obverse also shows evidence of hammer marks all around the edge of the coin. Unlike the obverse the reverse shows little evidence of hammer marks. The cross is reasonably well centered and about 80% complete. The lion and castle in the lower quadrants are clear but the upper quadrant castle is only vaguely apparent. The lion in the upper right quadrant is not visible at all. Some corrosion on he reverse can be seen. Both the obverse and the reverse still contain ocean sediment which makes the coin rather appealing. Also neither side has been fully cleaned which accounts for its rather dark appearance.

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