Partial date (1)705 Mexico Eight Reales

Coin Description: Partial date (1)705 Mexico Eight Reales. 26.6 grams. Obverse shows oddly struck planchet with date barely visible in the upper left corner. Close observation demonstrates that the last digit is the bottom half of a “5” although it was originally believed to be a “7”. Surface incrustation and shells fill most of the devices thereby making clear analysis difficult. Most likely the “OMJ” is “full” but only the “O” is visible at this time. 60% of the shield and part of the crown can be seen though the surface deposits. Like the obverse, the reverse demonstrates deposits and shells. Remarkably however the cross is well centered and complete which is unusual considering the shape of the coin. The lions and castles are not distinct due to surface deposits. Part of the ordinal is seen in lower left part of the image. Also there is a small hook in the upper right portion of the coin. This coin from the Joel Ruth Hoard. This was found on the beach after Hurricane Jeanne, September 28, 2004. See “Lost Treasure” Magazine, January 2005, issue for complete story.

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