Partial date (17)15 Mexico Eight Reales

Coin Description: Partial date (17)15 Mexico Eight Reales. 26.6 grams. Full “OMJ” but not complete with part of the “M” missing and the “J” a bit indistinct. The obverse shield is approximately 40% complete with a partial crown visible. The elements of the shield that are present are somewhat flat but overall appealing. The right side of the obverse planchet is indistinct likely due to hammer marks. Note the unusual depression at the bottom of the obverse planchet. These depressions create somewhat of a mystery. They show up occasionally on cob coins and may have been created by removing dross with a small scoop from the still-molten surface of the silver after it had been poured. Another explanation is that it may simply be a small planchet defect. The reverse cross is fairly well centered but low on the planchet. The lions and castles are seen but indistinct. Hammer marks and blunting of the corners apparent. Overall this specimen has a pleasing color and is a fine example of a cob with several different characteristics as noted above.

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