1715 Fleet Society Endorses Patrick McBride and Phil Vitale for ANA Governors

Greetings. For those of you who are members of the Society, or frequently visit our website, you may have noticed that the Society has taken an active part in promoting the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and the upcoming ANA elections. We promote the ANA not only because it is a great organization but because it is in our interest to do so. The ANA has over 27,000 members all over the globe. It has a fine monthly publication, The Numismatist, which has many fine articles including some related to areas that are of particular interest to our members. In 2015, the 300th anniversary of the loss of the 1715 Fleet was a cover feature. That issue also included a several-page scholarly article about the tragedy that befell the 1715 Fleet which included many color images. It was quite an honor. Also, the ANA focuses on education, much like we do. It is hoped that in the future we may be able to cooperate on a joint educational program that would perhaps feature the importance of shipwrecks as time capsules.

In January 2023 we were pleased to announce that one of our long-time members, Tom Uram, was running for ANA President. Since that time another Society member, Patrick McBride (see our post of February 2, 2023), announced that he is seeking a term as an ANA Governor. If successful, our Society would have two members on the ANA Board. On March  8, 2023, the Fleet Society Board of Directors endorsed Pat and with that our full support.

At the same time, Our Board also endorsed another long-time friend, Phil Vitale. Phil is also seeking a term as an ANA Governor. Phil is with the Albuquerque Coin Club and has been a long-time supporter of the Society. In 2019 he invited us to publish an article in their monthly newsletter, Pocket Change. This type of exposure obviously helps to promote our organization. Located in New Mexico, a state with a long history of Spanish influence, the Albuquerque Coin Club and the Fleet Society are natural allies. It is with great honor that we endorse Phil as well.

More about Patrick McBride and Phil Vitale can be found below.

Patrick McBride for ANA Governor


 Patrick McBride is most recognized as a Living American History interpreter, Dr. Benjamin Franklin. He has collected U.S. Coins since 1962. He joined the Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists (PAN) in 1984 and is currently the association Secretary, PAN Coin Show and Convention Coordinator, Social Media director, and PAN Website Administrator. He is keenly aware of all aspects involved in producing a major coin show. 

Pat is a regular member of the American Numismatic Association (1203161). His Military Payment Certificates (WFOM 1989) and Byzantine Coins (NMS 2019) exhibits have received American Numismatic Association first-place awards. He received the ANA Presidential Award (2015), Glenn Smedley Award (2019), Good Fellow Award as 2019 National Money Show Chairman, and the Adna G. Wilde, Jr. Memorial Award for Exemplary Service on August 2022. He contributed to the rare early issues of The Numismatist to help complete the ANA’s Numismatist digital archive. Pat is a charter member #19 of the recently created George F. Heath Society. He currently chairs the ANA Fund Development Committee. 

Patrick founded the John Burns Memorial Reference Library which has traveled to past ANA Conventions, Central States Convention, and PAN Coin Conventions. He was the estate administrator for the deceased (2014) numismatic literature dealer John Burns. 

McBride is a member of the Western Pennsylvania Numismatic Society, one of the oldest numismatic societies in the country. He created a beautiful non-competitive exhibit of the society’s history to commemorate the society’s 100-year anniversary as an ANA club. Pat is a member of Roundtable Trading, the Society of Paper Money Collectors, FUN, CSNS, and the 1715 Fleet Society. 

McBride was an avid supporter of the H.R.6192 “1921 Silver Dollar Coin Anniversary Act” and worked aggressively to see the Morgan and Peace dollar coins become a reality. 

Patrick has been a small business owner for over 50 years and has a comprehensive understanding of finance, scheduling, time management, employee concerns, and customer satisfaction. 

Between his business background, his numismatic knowledge, and his love of history, Mr. McBride brings a broad perspective to the ANA Board of Governors. 

Phil Vitale for ANA Governor

Collectors are the backbone of our hobby, and many have slipped away from the ANA over the last few years, especially during the COVID pandemic. As a District Representative over the last year, I have seen some of our shortfalls firsthand. Non-ANA member clubs, especially in rural areas, have no ANA contact and see no reason to join. I believe we can improve our outreach to invigorate and enable our clubs and collectors essential to the ANA’s future. 

The ANA is a great organization with so much to share. My experience in industry and government, supported by degrees in engineering and business has provided me with the tools to make new inroads in our outreach efforts. My most significant skills are team building, systems engineering, contracting, program management, and technical management. 

Over the last decade, I have contributed to all aspects of our hobby at the club and ANA levels. In addition to being the District Representative for New Mexico and El Paso, I have presented four eLearning seminars. Over the last 5 years, I have shown off our hobby and club in monthly television appearances on the local FOX News affiliate. I am a regular attendee at the Summer Seminar and promote attendance to my district clubs. I was the President of the Albuquerque Coin Club for three years and held board of directors positions in other years; I also do the contracting for our twice-yearly coin shows at a Marriott hotel and our meeting venue. Our State Fair finds me providing lectures on “What’s Your Coin Worth.” I have led our club to have a club table at every ANA show for the last six years (the guys with the yellow vests) and have exhibited at two of them. I have just been awarded the “Johnny Award’ (our club’s Numismatist of the Year) and the ANA ‘Numismatic Scholar’ designation. I am the editor of the award-winning Pocket Change newsletter and a member of the Dr. George F. Heath Society. On a personal level, I have collections of Three Cent Sil-vers, Half Dimes, late 1800s Silver Certificates, and a broad array of US coinage. 

For more information on my background, see my website: money-man.org

I would appreciate your support for my candidacy by voting for my election. Thank you. 

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