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1715 Fleet Society Website

Greetings. This is Ben Costello, President of the 1715 Fleet Society. Since the launch of our website in 2011 we have made an ongoing effort to keep our it fresh, interesting, and, above all, educational. This includes providing regular features (like our Treasure of the Month and This Day in Fleet History) as well as interesting short stories on Fleet-related and some non-Fleet-related topics. Maintaining a first-class website is an ongoing process. Websites that draw visitors on a sustained basis do so because they evolve. Websites that do not evolve become static and eventually extinct.

In order to remain fresh we recently reached out to our members and sent a questionnaire asking for their input regarding the website and its content. This would include their likes and dislikes, ease of navigation, what they would like to change, or what they would like to see. We’re continuing to receive responses from our members and once we’ve finished receiving we will synthesize the answers and publish them. Also, we will implement changes that we feel will be responsive to the needs and interests of our members. In this way, we can continue to provide a first-rate website that will not only educate but entertain those who wish to visit our site and hopefully join as a member.

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