1715 Fleet Virtual Education to be Presented by Daniel Frank Sedwick

November 2020 Treasure of the Month - 1715 Fleet Society

Recently, we received a note from Fleet Society member, Augi Garcia (Membership # 3) informing us that there will be several educational presentations on Monday, November 16, 2020 at 3:00 pm EST in advance of a major auction to be held the following day by Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC. One of the three featured speakers will be Clyde Kuntz. Clyde was the diver who found the 1713 Mexico eight escudos Royal (above) which is the highlight of the auction.

To join the educational forum, follow this link 10 minutes before 3:00 pm EST on the 16th, and you will be able to access the  presentations. More information regarding the auction can be found HERE.

Read about the discovery of the 1713 Royal by visiting our Treasure of the Month for November 2020. You can also find out more detailed information about the Royal itself from the auction catalogue here.

We would like to thank Augi for informing us about the opportunity for our members, and those visiting our ite, to learn more about 1715 Fleet History and related topics.

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