3 Fathoms to a Fortune

3 Fathoms to a Fortune

Recently, I was contacted by Josh Steele, a local resident who sent me this video which was obtained from a website called FloridaMemory.com.  “3 Fathoms to a Fortune” was prepared in the early 1970s, probably 1973.

The footage was from the mid-to-late 1960s. What follows is a description of the film as found on the FloridaMemory.com website:

This film describes the “Real 8 Co. “and their treasure hunting efforts. It shows equipment preparation, divers going down, finding a mass of coins in a lump and raising the mass. A man from the Florida State Board of Antiquities takes notes. It shows the opening ceremony of the Museum of Sunken Treasure in Cape Canaveral on June 29, 1968. Viewers see museum dioramas, doubloons, pieces of 8 and china. The sound track at the beginning is bad, but it becomes normal after a few minutes.

The website is a great resource. We urge you to check out the multitude of videos on all types of topics just waiting to be accessed.

Our special thanks to Josh Steele for bringing this website to our attention.


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