A New Feature for our Website: The 1715 Fleet Society Member Profile

Recently, the Fleet Society membership has grown to more than 130 members. Our Directors, and me personally, know most of our members and recognize that these individuals have a wide variety of occupations and avocations. As an example, we have authors, historians, archaeologists, numismatists, divers, the list goes on. We recognize that we are very fortunate to have these professionals among our membership. All of our members, though, share a common theme, and that is a deep interest in the 1715 Fleet, its loss, rediscovery and recovery.

We thought it would make a very interesting feature to periodically profile the accomplishments of our esteemed members. And so, we are creating a new regular feature that we call “1715 Fleet Society Member Profile”. Periodically we will chose from among our members, individuals that have accomplished something exceptional, whose story we will share with other members and the larger, public Fleet audience.

The directors have formed a “profile committee” which will be responsible for choosing the profiles and publishing them on this site.

Our first Profile is on Tom Uram (Member # 23) for his accomplishments in the area of numismatics. The first 1715 Fleet Society Member Profile can be found here.

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