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Allen Balogh: Honor Among Thieves, the Golden Age of Piracy

We are pleased to announce that Fleet Society member Allen Balogh (member # 37) has recently become a member of the staff at Flagler College in St. Augustine. He will be teaching “Honor Among Thieves, the Golden Age of Piracy” in the first semester of 2024.

He has been an ardent supporter and member since 2015. He is the published author of Black Sails 1715, award-winning Goat with the Glass Eye, Mimi’s Mermaids, and A Perilous Journey from Cuba.

Allen will be signing A Perilous Journey from Cuba on Monday, January 8, at the Heritage Center in Vero Beach as a kickoff to our conference at Costa d’Este Beach Resort.

Board of Director member, Dr. John De Bry, cited, “This is a fascinating book, extremely well researched, and written. A must for historians or anyone interested in the 1715 Fleet of July 31st of that year.

Jim Wilson, District Director of the 1715 Fleet Society added, “Anyone with an interest in the 1715 Fleet needs this book. It is filled with information from credible sources. If you’re new to the area, you need the knowledge in his book. And to all my treasure hunter/salvage friends, you want this book and may not know it yet. This book is the new have-to-own, “Pieces of Eight”. Great job Allen”

Allen stated, “My trek to Castillo de la Real Fuerza in Havana, Cuba was invaluable. Primary documents shed new light on the Fleet’s history. And only two U.S. citizens had access to the names of the passengers before my publication. That is crucial in researching and cross-referencing names with ships and their location.”

In addition, Indian River Magazine requested the authorship of two articles from Allen. When Pyrates Scoured the Treasure Coast and the Life of Dr. Eugene Lyon.

In 2021, he was inducted into the International Pirate Hall of Fame, Nassau, Bahamas.

He appeared as an expert and guest on PBS Origins “Rogue History” in February / March 2023.

Allen’s books are available at Mel Fisher Treasure Museum, McLarty Museum, Vero Beach Book Store, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Stop by the Heritage Center in Vero Beach.

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