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… and now a word from our sponsor.

If you grew up in the 1950s with a 15” black and white TV with rabbit ears you probably remember the words “… and now a word from our sponsor” which was ubiquitous at the time. Of course, back then “ a word from our sponsor” was just that, “a word”. Usually, these brief intermissions lasted about sixty seconds, and then it was back to our favorite program. Hardly enough time to fun to the fridge for a six-ounce Coke. Today, you can expect a six or seven-minute barrage of commercials that are all synchronized from channel to channel to prevent you from avoiding the assault.

Seriously, however, we would like to mention a few words about our sponsor (actually two sponsors) who have stepped up to underwrite some of the expenses associated with our upcoming conference in Vero Beach at the end of October.

Our Principal Financial Sponsors, St Lucie Jewelry and Coins and 2BidOnIt Auctions are both based out of South Florida.

St. Lucie Jewelry and Coins is located in Port St. Lucie, Florida. It is an established business and has been a fixture on the Treasure Coast since 1994.

Saint Lucie Jewelry and Coins has four full-time jewelers. They maintain a large selection of Fleet coins which includes hundreds of reales, both raw coins as well as beautifully framed coins in custom handmade frames. A large part of their business includes custom framing of treasure coins utilizing their four full-time jewelers. It is a full-service establishment providing expert repairs (which includes all types of watches from major companies), custom designs, and knowledgeable coin and bullion traders. St Lucie Jewelry & Coins is an Estate Jeweler that is always buying Rare Coins, Treasure Coins, Fine Jewelry, Signed Pieces, Luxury watches, all bullion and gold products from estates, attorneys, and individuals. They buy directly from the divers as well as recoveries from their own treasure boat. The company prides itself on having the largest jewelry store and diamond inventory on the Treasure Coast with over 700 FIVE STAR GOOGLE REVIEWS.

Confiscated Assets Auctioneers/, another South Florida company, is an online-only auction platform that buys and sells all types of fine treasures. Its inventory includes jewelry, coins, currency, art, antiques, and more. It has a state-licensed auctioneer (AB3694) with auctions occurring about every 2 or 3 weeks.

Both of our sponsors have committed to being our Principal Financial Sponsors for future conferences. We are truly pleased to have these two fine companies sponsoring our conferences. For more information about our sponsors just access the links provided in this post.

Ben Costello, President

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