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April 2013 Treasure of the Month

This month we are honored to feature the above (17)15-dated Mexico eight reales as our Treasure of the Month. This coin is special because it has a Hollywood history. It was showcased in a segment of the Travel Channel’s very popular program Mysteries at the Museum. The segment featured a story about Kip Wagner and the 1715 Fleet. Much of the filming was done in Sebastian, Florida. Also featured in the program was Ed Perry, who works closely with Sebastian Inlet State Park to oversee the McClarty Treasure Museum in Sebastian. The program, which aired in December of 2012, showed Ed Perry holding the coin for the camera while he delivered his narrative. The coin is a hefty 26.5 g with a full OMJ. The surfaces still exhibit residue and other deposits from years of burial. This coin was found by diver Mike l Blanchard. For more images of the coin and its hollywood display click here.

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