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Archaeologists vs. Salvors, the Ongoing Debate

The 1715 Fleet Society takes its role as an educational forum very seriously. Since education is part of our mission we make it a point to provide articles on subjects that are designed to educate the public on topics that are relevant to those interested in maritime history. As we are aware of the ongoing debate between the archeological community and commercial salvagers regarding the salvaging of sunken vessels and all that is involved in that endeavor, we thought that the attached article regarding this debate would be of interest. As it is very rare to find an article that distinctly sets forth the opinions on both sides of this issue we thought that we would post this article so that our website viewers could read it and draw their own conclusions.

Read ‘Almost at war’: shipwreck hunters battle it out for sunken treasure.

Ben Costello
President, 1715 Fleet Society

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