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Bruce Ward Estate Update

Bruce Ward

As a follow up to the recent post regarding the death of Bruce Ward, I have been given permission to provide the following additional information. The auction house handling the estate is  Cargile Auctions, Searcy, Arkansas. They have a post listed about the Bruce Ward Estate which provides some details about what the estate consists of. We will see if we can secure some images of items from the estate as a preview. The auction is tentatively to be held in the next few months depending on how soon they can identify and prepare items for sale.

Ben Costello, Director.

1 thought on “Bruce Ward Estate Update”

  1. Bert E. Rouh, III

    Hi I checked June 5 2019 and emailed cargileauctions .
    currently personal items and antiques on sale ending june 10
    and 1715 fleet items still being photographed and prepared
    I verified that they will coordinate shipping at buyers expense.
    thanks for the info and chance to see some artifacts and treasures
    from one of the original Pioneers of the Hunt for the treasure and
    answers to the mystery of how it came to be.

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