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Captain Redbeard’s “Best Relics of 2023” — Part 1 and 2

Josh “Captain Redbeard” Scott (Follow @redbeardsrelics —

Part 1

Link to Captain Redbeard’s original post #1 on Instagram:

I have seen and acquired so many amazing relics this past year including these few items! Every piece I come across has a story to tell and a history enveloping it. Which relics you have seen this year would you like to see recapped next?

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Part 2

Link to Captain Redbeard’s original post #2 on Instagram:

The relics just keep coming with this next batch of my favorite pieces I’ve come by! While I wish I owned the massive shipwreck gold bar from the S.S. Central America owned by the one and only Finest Known, I hope you enjoyed seeing it! The extremely rare Portolan Chart of Europe owned by @blrmaps was a sight to behold as well! Seeing something so old and drawn by hand on velum was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In addition, their original print of the Boston Massacre by Paul Revere is beyond museum-worthy and I never imagined I would see something quite like that in person.

My personal relics are nothing to look over either! That early edition of Sir Francis Drake felt like a treasure map or the Grail Journal from Indiana Jones or a guidebook from Uncharted!

No pirate worth his salt would be anything without a heavy chest to store all manner of pirate booty! Those armada chests often are full of rust and damage. This surviving piece is the most intact and cleanest I’ve ever come across.

Should I make a part 3? I have too many to share in two reels!

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