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10 Years Ago Today        

Today marks the 10th anniversary of  the passing of my friend and original Real Eight member Lou Ullian.  I first met Lou at his home in January 2005. After an hour of pleasant conversation about shipwreck coins I was treated to a wonderful lunch prepared by his wife Helen. From then on visiting Lou and

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DATELINE: Delray Beach, Florida In Memoriam: Carl Ward

Recently we received word of the passing of Carl Ward on October 30, 2017. Fleet Society Director Ernie Richards, a lifetime friend, thought it appropriate that we acknowledge his passing by posting some biographical information about this most interesting man. Ernie provided the following text: CARL WARD 14 December 1931—30 October 2017 Carl’s Family posted

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In Memoriam – Stephen Shouppé

STEPHEN SHOUPPÉ 1 June 1948—5 November 2001 Captain Stephen Shouppé is probably best remembered by 1715 Fleet collectors for the wonderful artifacts and coins he salvaged from the Cannon Pile Wreck. His first major find was serendipitously on Fleet Day, July 31st, twenty years ago (1992). Steve died in November of 2001. What follows is

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In Memoriam – Demostenes Molinar

DEMOSTENES “MO”MOLINAR 15 June 1932—23 April 2011 Shipwreck Treasure Legend The shipwreck salvage community was devastated by the news on April 24th that our Dear Friend and Idol, Mo, had died suddenly, at home, the day before. It is almost inexpressible — the sinking hollowness that this jingling on the e-mail grapevine brought to us.

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In Memoriam – Delphine “Del” Long

DELPHINE “DEL” LONG d. 4 May 2011 at age 87 Del Long was one of those whom I call the “Gentlemen Divers”—the Real Eight Corporation. He was born in South Carolina but came to Florida as an infant, growing up in Grant, which is just north of Sebastian. He moved to Melbourne in 1980. But,

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