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Real Eight Company Collection of Gold Cobs and other treasures from the 1715 Fleet.


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Whatever happened to………?

Did you ever wonder whatever happened to the Real Eight Museum of Sunken Treasure in Cape Canaveral, Florida?  While working on updating  The History of the Real Eight Company Through Documents and Letters, I came across this article which was published in September of 1980. It tells the story (a sad one at that) of

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DATELINE: Sebastian Inlet Marina, August 25, 1997

This Friday, August 25, will mark a special anniversary of sorts. On this day in 1997, members of the Real Eight Company got together for their last public appearance. The occasion was the production of a historical documentary on the 1715 Fleet produced for the Arts and Entertainment Network. Filming was done at the Sebastian

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Real Eight Company Collection of Gold Cobs

The modern day hunt for the 1715 Treasure Fleet began in the 1950’s, when a retired Florida contractor wondered why gold and silver kept washing up on a Florida beach near his home. Kip Wagner used to go beach-combing along the Florida coast looking for decorative pieces of driftwood. What he found, instead, was treasure.

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History of the Real Eight Company Through Documents and Letters

No history of the 1715 Fleet would be complete without mentioning the Real Eight Company and the men that formed this group. The Real Eight contribution to the discovery and recovery of the valuable historical coins and artifacts that made up the Treasure Fleet cannot be understated. Much of what we have learned about the

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