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From The Fleet Society Archives — Circa Mid-1960s

In light of recent auction prices for Fleet gold and silver, I thought it would be interesting to take another trip down memory lane to the mid-1960s. Here is a price list from the Real Eight Company that was prepared sometime after January 1965. We recently posted an item, here (April 8), from our archives that featured a price list from Treasure Salvors, Inc. from 1966.  If you compare the two it would appear that Treasure Salvors prices were somewhat higher than the Real Eight Prices. Nonetheless, considering that a recent undated eight escudos gold coin (1714) sold for $75,000.00 plus a 15% buyer fee one can readily see that these coins have jumped in price exponentially. Of course, to be fair the $75,000.00 gold coin has quite a history. See our post on May 6, 2024, to read more about that special coin.

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