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In the summer of 1964, Mel Fisher working through a contract with the Real Eight Corporation, located and salvaged a tremendous treasure consisting of thousands of gold coins and priceless artifacts.

This wreck site was surveyed, analyzed, and reduced to a report by archaeologist Carl J Clausen, who was representing the State of Florida.

More than 50 years later this report is still considered to be a valuable research tool in learning more about this particular wreck site.

The Clausen report can be accessed here courtesy of the Florida Museum of Natural History.

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Ben Costello

Ben Costello

Ben Costello is a director of the 1715 Fleet Society and an attorney in Washington, PA. His full bio can be found here.


  1. AvatarDarrel Strickland says

    Interesting. I sent a copy to Ben years, ago, as well as other important copies on Hale, Higgs, Rouse, etc. Most of the salvagers of 1715 fleet did not know this exist until I gave copies to St. Augustine Historical Society when I had the original booklet. It was later donated to St. Lucie Museum, along with booklet on the original Fort located on Indian River. Also, I donated a 1800s map of original inlet and showing where Ft. Capron was located.

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