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Douglass Wreck Site

Surprising New Evidence on the Douglass Beach Wreck

Fleet Society Director and archival research expert Jorge Proctor recently authored an article titled The Nuestra Señora de las Nieves and the Douglass Beach wreck-site, which offers new evidence as the actual name of the remains of the ship located there. Supported

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My Treasure Story

One of the most iconic artifacts ever recovered from the wreck of the 1715 Fleet was not found through the efforts of a major salvaging company or by a well-known treasure hunter. Rather, it was

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1703 H Lima 8 Escudos

A Census of 1703 H Lima 8 Escudos

Greetings. One of our undertakings here at the Fleet Society is to carry out original research into anything Fleet related. In that regard, I would like to present a recent article written by Fleet Society

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Gold Coins found by Dan Porter

A Tale of Spanish Doubloons

One of my ongoing projects as a Director of the Fleet Society is to catalogue the many archival documents that I have acquired over the years. Although I enjoy this aspect of my job very

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An Alternative Explanation for an Iconic Artifact

Within the State of Florida’s archaeological collection there resides an unusual and rare artifact, catalog number 93 A. 673. 000103. 0001, lab tag 6458, with the designation “bone toothpick”. It was received into the State’s

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One Day of Hunting Treasure

Walt Holzworth was a Pennsylvania Dutch farmer who relocated to California to work in the construction industry. Eventually, he ended up a full-time treasure hunter. He made his first dive in 1963 at the age

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Some Highlights of the Florida Collection

“The Earliest Lima 8 Escudos in the Florida Collection” This post is the second in a series that will explore some of the highlights of the magnificent Florida State Collection of Spanish Colonial artifacts and

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Clausen Report

In the summer of 1964, Mel Fisher working through a contract with the Real Eight Corporation, located and salvaged a tremendous treasure consisting of thousands of gold coins and priceless artifacts. This wreck site was

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Numismatic Legacy of the 1715 Plate Fleet

This article, by Phil Flemming and Ben Costello, was published in the January 2015 edition of The Numismatist, and the full text of the article is included below. Three hundred years ago, a Spanish treasure

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DATELINE: Ft. Pierce, Florida

The latest edition of Indian River Magazine, published by a locally owned company based in Ft. Pierce, Florida, has just released its Holiday 2014 Edition featuring a multi-page article on the 300th Anniversary of the

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1701 Gold Escudo Hybrid of Santa Fe from 1715 Fleet

by Herman Blanton The “171S Fleet-Queens Jewels, LLC” treasure salvage operations recovered a cache of gold escudos on 13-July-2013 on a site called “Corrigans” at Sebastian Inlet near Wabasso Beach, Fl. Other artifacts including a

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Treasure Rediscovered

by John de Bry This past summer I had gone down to Juno Beach, Florida, to go out on a boat owned by a company involved in the commercial salvage of historic shipwrecks. The purpose

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1715 Glory Hole!

by Ernie Richards Fleet Day this year, July 31st, will mark the 297th anniversary of the tragic loss of the 1715 Plate Fleet along Florida’s east coast. Exactly twenty years ago, July 31st, 1992, Captain

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The Salvaged Treasure Fleet of 1715

This article reproduced from the Bowers and Ruddy Auction Catalog, The Harold A. Blauvelt, Iberoamerican and 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet Collections, public auction sale February 17-19, 1977

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