Cryptic Object Discovered on Florida Beach

Image: The remnants of a shipwreck seen at Volusia County Beaches near Daytona Beach, Florida. (Facebook/Volusia County Beaches)

Here is an interesting article that caught my eye. Near Daytona beachcombers spotted an unusual object. Thought to be the remains of a shipwreck, archaeologists from the state will be examining the mysterious item on Monday. Given the number of wrecks along the East Coast of Florida, it is unlikely that this wreckage is related to the 1715 Fleet. However, until an inspection takes place we will have to wait for a definitive answer. We know that there were salvaging operations taking place after the destruction of the Fleet in July 1715. Could this have been one of those ships that were transporting salvaged gold and silver to St. Augustine and also fell victim to a later storm? We may never know but hopefully, the state archaeologists can provide some clues as to the possible origin of the ship, its age, and its purpose. We will be contacting the Bureau of Archaeological Research in Tallahassee to see if we can obtain any additional information about this wreckage. (NOTE: The Bureau of Archaeological Research is responsible for curating archaeological objects collected on state-owned or state-managed lands.)

Cryptic object discovered under one of Florida’s most popular beach destinations

A mysterious sight was unveiled along the coast of Daytona Beach, Florida, after a series of high tides and thunderstorms.

By Brian Lada, AccuWeather meteorologist, and staff writer
Published Apr 21, 2023 3:48 PM EDT | Updated Apr 21, 2023 3:48 PM EDT

A new beachfront attraction has cropped up in Florida, one that has been revealed from its long-time resting place following spells of stormy weather.

Parts of an ancient shipwreck emerged from the sand at the 3200 Block of Daytona Beach Shores earlier this week, located about 5 miles south of downtown Daytona Beach, Florida.

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ARTICLE UPDATE (Tuesday, May 9, 2023): Click HERE to read Mysterious Shipwreck Found Off Florida Is 3 Times Bigger Than Initially Described by MI News Network (Tuesday, May 2, 2023).

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