Cuba Conference Update – June 12, 2019

1715 Fleet Society Conference - Cuba Map

Recently, we were contacted by a number of individuals who have expressed an interest in attending our third International Conference on the 1715 Fleet, which is currently being planned for Havana, Cuba in 2020. They were concerned about whether the recently imposed new travel restrictions instituted by the U.S. government would affect our plan to Conference.

We have carefully reviewed these new restrictions and have concluded that they will not adversely interfere with our plans.

It is anticipated that this conference (if all goes well) will occur in late March 2020. There are still several clearances that have to be obtained before we are officially committed. My point of contact is Dana Reed of ASC International USA, of Tampa, FL.

Dana has been in contact with the Cuban government and is helping to make all of the necessary arrangements. He tells me that he should have some pricing information by the end of June. It was not possible to obtain any airfare quotes from US Airlines this early in the process. He believes that by the end of the month that information will be available and we will pass it along to our readers here. Also, he’s investigating lodging for conference attendees.

If all goes as planned, we will have all this information to you shortly.

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