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Greetings. I am updating my last post of December 14, 2018, regarding the 3rd International Conference on the 1715 Fleet, which the Society is currently planning in Havana for 2020.

A lot of time and effort has been devoted thus far to making this Conference a reality. As our point man, Dana Reed of ASC International USA located in Tampa, Florida, has been working with his contacts in Cuba. In the past, he has organized a number of educational tours in Cuba and as such has developed a network of individuals that he customarily works with in arranging such programs. Recently, Dana sent me the following email which I would like to share with you:

“Dear Ben: I wanted to bring you up to speed on my recent visit to Cuba in preparation of the proposed 1715 Conference in 2020.

I spent some time with our mutual and good friend, Serigo Gonzalez, who you know is the curator and director of the Cuban Numismatic Museum. Sergio has suggested that the best month to have the event would be in April of 2020. Peak tourist season will be over and the climate and temperature will still be ideal before the onset of the hot summer months.

The event has already received the approval of the OFICINA de la Historidor which oversees all cultural and historical activities in the Old City of Havana. We are awaiting approval from the Foreign Ministry which should come shortly.

The importance of the City of Havana and of Cuba to the history of the tragic events of the 1715 Fleet have added to the potential that this Conference will be a truly international event. Several regional and underwater archeological organizations have been invited to attend and participate from as far away as Spain while delegations from the Dominican Republic, Panama, Peru, Columbia, etc., will participate as well.

The proposal is for a five-day and four-night program consisting of three days of morning and/or afternoon panel discussions and presentations with the rest of the time spent on visiting historic sites associated with the 1715 Fleet as well as leisure time for participates.

We are currently working with our Cuban Tourist partner to develop a program in compliance with US Department of Treasury/OFAC laws and we will have an all-inclusive package with pricing available shortly. Our plan is to provide hotel accommodations in Old Havana so everything will be within walking distance. The event will be held at the PALACIO SEGUNDO CABO in Old Havana which is the cultural conference center and has the capacity for simultaneous translation via individual headphone sets.

All the best.

Regards, Dana Reed”


Right now we have sufficient interest to make this Conference a reality. I continue to receive emails from individuals expressing their desire to perhaps attend the Conference.

Please note that there is much to be done and that all the arrangements including travel and lodging have not yet been finalized. I know that many of you reading this may have questions, so you can feel free to contact me.

Ben Costello

Director, 1715 Fleet Society

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