DATELINE: 1715 Fleet Wreck Site, Somewhere Off the East Coast of Florida

Mike Brown with his unique find July 3rd 2012

While diving in early July 2012, Gold Hound partner/diver Mike Brown had a great week, recovering approximately 38 1715 Fleet artifacts, including a beautiful, perfectly intact silver buckle, a floral-carved silver sewing thimble, and a new first; what appears to be a solid quartz crystal carved inkwell.

Silver buckle, sewing thimble, solid quartz inkwell found by Mike Brown in July 2012

Mike explained that finding this “first of its type” artifact on July 3rd was nearly miraculous:
  “I was diving a hole in zero visibility using my Aqua Pulse detector looking for metal artifacts.  While moving around the bottom of the hole, I encountered large pieces of coquina rock that I had to move.  At one point, my knee went down on what I thought was just another small rock, but when I picked it up to toss it aside, I instantly felt its smooth, square shape and knew it was something man-made.  My first thought was that it had to be something modern, due to its precision shape and texture.  As I headed to the surface with it, I could then see it was carved stone and something truly unique!”

Inkwell found by Mike Brown July 3rd 2012

While positive identification has yet to be made by an archaeologist, all evidence points to it being a “one of a kind” inkwell, which begs the question:  “On who’s desk did it reside?”

Group of artifacts found by Mike Brown July 2012 

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