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DATELINE: 1715 Fleet Wreck Sites, East Coast of Florida

Recently we received an email from Jeff Rideout, who sent us several photos of recent finds from the 1715 Fleet wreck sites.

Most notably, one of the major finds was a fully-dated one escudo Royal from 1714. In addition, a number of other gold coins were found, including escudos from the colonial mints of Mexico City and Santa Fe de Bogota.

The picture below shows the diver who recovered the one escudo Royal.

Big Blue Wreck - July 2016 - 06.13.16 Royal One Escudo

The following images show the obverse and reverse of the one escudo Royal.


The featured image shown at the top of this post displays a few Bogota two escduos, and the images below show a two escudo from the Mexico City mint. On the right are divers showing off their recent find.




Here’s a video from a new episode in the Big Blue Wreck web series in which Mel King discusses a heavy piece of lead recovered near the 300th anniversary Royals last summer.

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