DATELINE: Corrigan’s Beach, 6 miles south of Sebastian Inlet, East Coast of Florida

Mike Brown of Albany, GA, woke up on the morning of July 31, 2010 not realizing that he was about to make history. For it was on that day, the 295th Anniversary of the 1715 Fleet disaster that Mike found his place in Fleet history. While diving with Gold Hound Treasure Divers, off of Corrigan’s Beach, Mike found a beautiful 1698 Cuzco 2 Escudos gold piece. This “Anniversary Gold” has already been commemorated with a shirt and is now the cover coin of Lost Treasure Magazine (August 2011). Mike Brown’s story, together with beautiful illustrations, makes this edition of Lost Treasure a keepsake.

Over the years Lost Treasure Magazine has published numerous articles about the 1715 Fleet. In January 2005, they wrote an article about the discovery made by Joel Ruth. Joel braved Hurricane Jeanne and sat out the storm just to get an opportunity to get to the beach as soon as possible after the storm passed. His bravery, determination and patience paid off as he made a huge discovery of Fleet silver uncovered by the force of the hurricane. His story can be found in the January 2005 edition of Lost Treasure. Most recently, in December of 2009, Lost Treasure did an article about Moe Molinar.

If you would like to obtain any of these issues, go to Lost Treasure, click on ARCHIVES and for a very reasonable price, you can purchase back issues containing Fleet related articles.

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