DATELINE – Havana, Cuba – Important Historical Update

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Today marks the 300th Anniversary of the embarkation of the 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet from Cuba.  On this date 300 years ago, the combined Fleets of General Don Juan Esteban de Ubilla and General Don Antonio de Echeverz y Zubiza left Havana for the long trip back to Spain.

Along with a cargo of priceless treasure and ships staffed with experienced crewmen there were hundreds of passengers looking forward to arriving in Spain and continuing on with their lives.  Little did they know that in just one week over a thousand of these passengers and crewmen would be dead and the survivors stranded on a hostile and desolate beach.

Thus began the story of the 1715 Fleet which we now commemorate and remember after 300 years.

Photo Credit: James Flood

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