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DATELINE: Ohio: Fleet Society Recovers Additional Group of Historic Documents

As a follow up to our July 16th post, the Fleet Society is proud to announce that it has purchased additional historical documents relating to the early days of 1715 Fleet salvaging efforts.

This group of material consists primarily of records, photographs, and letters originating from the early days of the Real Eight Company. There are many one-of-a-kind documents, too numerous to mention in this post. As with the treasure trove of documents mentioned in the July post, a good portion of the items are from the personal collections of original Real Eight members, primarily Dan Thompson and Lou Ullian.

The black and white photographs of Real Eight Company members engaged in recovery operations are particularly fascinating. Although some of the images are of low-quality, we will still reproduce them in future posts. As mentioned before, organizing, categorizing, and captioning this material takes time.

As everyone knows yours truly works full time but devotes much of his spare time to this work. Please bear with me and I will do my best to get these historic documents up on this site.

Stay tuned.

Ben Costello

Director, 1715 Fleet Society

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