Dateline Orlando, Florida – Direct from the Recent Sedwick Auction

Recently, the 1715 Fleet Society was invited to display a table and provide information about the Society to attendees of the recent Sedwick Auction held in Orlando on October 29, 2015. The auction was attended by approximately by 75 or more bidders from as far away as the Caribbean, South America, and Spain.

In the image shown above, Ellie Richards, wife of Fleet Society Director, Ernie Richards, staffs the 1715 Fleet Society table located at the entrance to the auction hall. Ernie Richards captured the moment photographically.

The Sedwick Auction is a production of Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC, and was the 18th auction offered by the company. The Sedwick Auction featured Gold Cobs and World Gold Coins, Shipwreck Ingots, Shipwreck Silver Coins, World Coins, and other Coins, Medals, Documents, and artifacts.

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