DATELINE: Orlando, Florida  FUN Show January 9-12, 2020.

The Florida United Numismatists Winter Show will take place at the Orange County Convention Center from January 9 – 12, 2020. It is hard to believe that we are only four short months away from the show (actually, 116 days to be exact). As usual, the Fleet Society will have a table with some educational material as well as applications for our next conference, which is scheduled to be held from March 23 – 27 in Havana, Cuba, the embarkation point of the many Spanish treasure fleets departing the New World for Spain. We do not yet have an assigned table number for FUN but that is expected soon. Once we know our designated table assignment we will issue another newsletter post. I can say that we will be in the “Ancients and World Coins” section, which is where we have been for the last several years (as opposed to the “Clubs” section).

If possible, we might be able to persuade Fleet Society member Jonah Martinez (# 66) to display some of the treasures that he has recovered from 1715 Fleet wreck sites over the years. Jonah has been gracious enough to take the time and effort to create some really extraordinary exhibits at our table which helped to promote the Society and garner new members.

In any event, if you are planning to attend it might be a good idea to make your reservations early. If you are not a member of FUN then you should consider joining and taking advantage of the benefits that available through membership. There are substantial room discounts in Orlando that would more than pay for your membership. Regular membership is $20.00. Well worth the price! Check out their website for more info,

Ben Costello, Director.

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