DATELINE: Pittsburgh, PA – 1715 Gold Cob Collection Group 1 Published

1715 Gold Cob Feature Images

Craig here, web admin for The 1715 Fleet Society. We’re happy to announce that the first group of 500 Gold Cobs has been published on the site.  This is the first group of 3, nearly 1500 images in all, to be published over the coming weeks.

Group 1 can be accessed from this post here or from the front page of the site – where all the groups will be accessible as they are released.

This massive collection consists of approximately 1,500 gold cobs from several Spanish Colonial mints including Mexico, Lima, and others. As we’ve mentioned in a previous newsletter update, you will see a slight halo around the edges of the coins. This is consistent with the way the images were presented to us – we have not edited the images in any way.  We suspect, the halo effect was done to eliminate the background or matte upon which the coins were originally photographed, and to make the background completely black to allow consistency with the text and measurements added later.

Again, we would like to extend our thanks to the Florida Division of Historical Resources for granting permission for the publication of their collection.

All images are courtesy of and copyright to the Florida Division of Historical Resources.

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