DATELINE: Pittsburgh, PA – Follow Up on Gold Cobs Posting

Hi, Craig Grella here, web admin for the Fleet Society, posting a follow up on the new gold cob images given to us by the Florida Department of State, Division of Historical Resources.

We’ve created a section for the home page of the site which will introduce the new gold cob groups, and an internal area of the site to house the new gold cob images. We’ll be displaying the images in grid form which will allow sorting and filtering.

You’ll notice the format of the images is consistent throughout the collection. See the image above – the first coin of the collection.

The first number, 11.00001 is the State of Florida Catalog Number. The text below that, Mexico 8E 1713, refers to the type of coin – a Mexico 8 Escudo dated 1713.  The scale is the size of the coin in centimeters.

Now, turn your attention to the coin, and you will see a slight halo around the edges of the coins. This is consistent with the way the images were presented to us – we have not edited the images in any way.  We suspect, the halo effect was done to eliminate the background or matte upon which the coins were originally photographed, and to make the background completely black to allow consistency with the text and measurements added later.

The remainder of the coins are being added now and the collection will be posted shortly. We are posting them in groups of approximately 300 coins and will likely release them 1 post per week for the next several weeks.

The coins are posted in numerical order according to the catalog number, beginning with 11.00001. However you may notice several breaks in the order of coins. This is due to us removing from the group coins that are not Fleet related.

All of the images are copyrighted to the Florida Department of State. Again we thank them for allowing us to post these images.

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