DATELINE: Pittsburgh, PA – Posting Gold Cobs Images Group 2

1715 Gold Cob Feature Images

Hello Fleet Society enthusiasts, this is Craig Grella here – web admin for the 1715 Fleet Society.  I’m happy to announce that we’ve posted the second group of Gold Cob images from the State of Florida collection.

Again, they can be accessed from three areas:

  1. The front page of the website. Simply scroll to the special featured Gold Cob section and click the button for Group 2;
  2. You can link to group 2 from this post right here: The Florida State Collection of Spanish Colonial Gold Cobs; and
  3. You can link directly to the group 2 collection via this link:

The first grouping of gold cobs is currently the most popular page on the site, bringing a 20% higher viewership than previous posts.  We’re fairly sure you’re going to like the second group as well.

Thanks again to the Florida Division of Historical Resources for granting permission for the publication of their collection. All images are courtesy of and copyright to the Florida Division of Historical Resources.

View Group 2

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