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DATELINE: Sebastian, Florida

Here is a recent item sent to us by our friend Mike Brown regarding a very special day in his life. We should all be so lucky.

Sebastian, FL March 3, 2012.

Following a nearly a two-year long wait, Mike Brown (Gold Hound, LLC partner & diver) was extremely fortunate following the division of the 2010 1715 Fleet finds and received his “Anniversary Gold” finds of July 31, 2010.  On the 295th anniversary of the loss of the ill-fated 1715 Fleet, Mike found his first and second gold coins. His first was a nice Bogota mint two escudos, which he found using his Aquapulse detector in zero-visibility darkness.  His second came a few dives later, when he surfaced holding a beautiful 1698 Cuzco mint two escudos, now believed to be the best known example by several who have examined it.

Mike said he was both anxious and a bit nervous since this was his first division.  To say he came away “ecstatic” would be an understatement!!  Receiving both the Bogota and Cuzco cobs made for another day he will never forget.  “Being given both of these great finds made a lifetime dream come true for me, and for that I am eternally grateful!” Mike said.  

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