DATELINE: Sebastian, Florida – Important Historical Update on the 1715 Fleet

As you all know, today marks the 300th Anniversary of the loss of the 1715 Fleet. A great ocean tragedy befell 11 Spanish ships and over 1000 passengers and crewmen on this date three centuries ago. Many of us have been here in Florida commemorating this occasion with an important historical update on the 1715 Fleet.

The events of this past week were made even more significant by the recent announcement of the discovery, in June, of Spanish gold coins found in the waters of Ft. Pierce, near Douglass Beach. Included in this spectacular find was a beautiful fully dated 1715 Gold Royal. It is profound indeed that these coins were recovered approximately six weeks before the Anniversary of when they were lost.

We should all take a moment today to personally recall the tragedy of July 31, 1715. It is right to commemorate this event and not forget the human element that is associated with this tragedy.

Ben Costello
Director, 1715 Fleet Society

2 thoughts on “DATELINE: Sebastian, Florida – Important Historical Update on the 1715 Fleet”

  1. Thank you for mentioning the human element of this tragedy. So much emphasis is made of the treasure. During the commemorative week, I wish there had been some sort of memorial service at the beach for those who lost their lives.

  2. Just after dawn on 31 July 2015, a volunteer we know who works with the Indian River County Library went to the shore opposite each 1715 wreck site off Vero Beach, FL and planted a single long-stemmed rose near the waterline…solely on his own volition. –ER

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