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DATELINE: Sebastian, Florida – Post FUN Show Wrap-Up

Following the FUN Show, I was fortunate enough to have some extra time to spend in Florida before returning to the “sunny” climes of Southwestern Pennsylvania. I spent several days in Vero Beach visiting friends and working on the Fleet Society website. On Wednesday, January 16, I had the chance to meet up with Society member Jonah Martinez who, as indicated in an earlier post, drove to Orlando from his home in Port St. Lucie to set up a display at our table at the FUN Show. He stayed for several days to help me with my table duties. He was a big, big help.

We had lunch and talked about his current plans for the upcoming diving season (he is an accomplished diver who has made some historic recoveries in recent years). He also introduced me to Hawk Levy, a rare coin and bullion dealer since 1994 who operates St. Lucie Jewelry and Coins. He added a lot of levity to the luncheon. I had a chance to visit his store which is like a mini museum with coins and antiquities of all kinds everywhere throughout.

On Thursday, I traveled up to Sebastian to visit Mel Fisher’s Treasure Museum. I know Mel’s granddaughter Nicole, the Museum Manager, and always make it a point to visit whenever I can. She is very gracious and has in the past shared information with the Fleet Society from the large inventory of archival records that the museum maintains. I enjoy visiting the Museum and, although I have been there before, I always seem to find another display item that I may have missed in prior visits. The Museum is a must see if you are in the area. The displays are exceptionally well done and the treasures exhibited are both stunning and educational. It is hard to imagine the excitement one must experience upon finding this material.

The following images are just a small sample of what the museum has to offer. Gold bars, jewelry, coins, and other valuable personal items abound. But that is not all. Everyday items such as plates, scissors, and tools are featured. Even animal bones and mysterious encrusted objects can be seen. All in all, a great place to visit.

You can also find the Mel Fisher’s Treasure Museum online here:

Ben Costello, Director

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