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DATELINE: Sebastian, Florida, The McLarty Treasure Museum

If you find yourself traveling along the East coast of Florida this summer you might want to stop in Sebastian, Florida and pay a visit to the McLarty Treasure Museum. The Museum is located at Sebastian Inlet State Park between Melbourne Beach and Vero Beach, Florida. It is a National Historic Landmark built on the site of the 1715 Fleet survivors’ and salvagers’ camp. The property for the Museum was donated to the State  by Mr. Robert McLarty, a retired Atlanta attorney who lived in Vero Beach.  Open 7 days a week from 10AM to 4PM the Museum features displays of Spanish treasure from the 1715 Fleet (you can visit the Museum online here). 

Recently a new museum exhibit was created by Mike Blanchard a diver and treasure hunter from Vero Beach, Florida (Maritime Antiquities & Shipwrecks Treasures). The display features items from Mike Blanchard’s collection of 1715 artifacts. These include Chinese porcelain and a unique Charles II Reliquary Medallion. A short video of this unique exhibit can be seen below along with other photographs submitted to this website by Mike Blanchard. 

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