DATELINE: St. Augustine, Florida 2017 International Conference on the 1715 Fleet Update

International Conference on the 1715 Fleet

This past Friday we received word from Flagler College that Thursday, March 16, 2017 and Friday, March 17, 2017 have been officially reserved for the Fleet Society’s 2017 Conference on the 1715 Fleet. With these dates confirmed, we will now be moving forward with the Conference agenda as well as other events that will be scheduled in conjunction therewith. We have already been contacted by several entities interested in sponsoring receptions that will be held Wednesday night, March 15 as well as Thursday night the 16th and Friday night the 17th.

A dinner is planned for Saturday, March 18. We are in discussions with Flagler College to have the dinner hosted in the College’s Solarium, inside Ponce de Leon Hall (the former Hotel Ponce de Leon). This room will be the location for the catered lunches that will be offered to those attending the two day Conference (much like what we had in Vero Beach at the Museum of Art at the Conference last July).

As might be imagined, there is much to prepare. Director and  Academic Coordinator, Phil Flemming, is busy organizing the Conference agenda and securing speakers. Director Ernie Richards will be assisting Director Ben Costello as he coordinates the other events that  will be planned along with the Conference. St. Augustine is a beautiful city and has everything to offer those choosing to visit her….history, art, culture, shopping, dining and, well, just plain old fun. It is the ideal venue for this Conference. Those wishing to make this a family vacation can enjoy going to the Conference secure in the knowledge that their spouse or children will have much to do. Remember, that the St. Augustine Historical Society has partnered with us and will be available for tours.  It has a fine museum with historic grounds and buildings.

Obviously, we will be providing regular updates along with information on securing tickets. We will also provide lodging and restaurant information for those not familiar with the city. It is anticipated that ticket sales will not take place for several months. As stated above, there is much to prepare So,stay tuned for more news on this exciting event.

Ben Costello, Director

Ernie Richards, Director

Phil Flemming, Director





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